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Battery KT12B-4 12V, 10Ah sealed

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KT12B-4 12V/10 Ah battery, fully sealed

This battery features the quality of the brand, which also supplies original equipment to many motorbike manufacturers.

This battery is completely self-contained and consequently absolutely leak-proof. It can be fitted in any position.
It needs no maintenance and is ready to install – no contact with acid is possible.
Each battery is inspected and tested extensively before shipping.
Before filling the battery, please check that it fits your vehicle (snugness of fit, dimensions, location of the poles) because batteries cannot be exchanged after installation.
The battery is supplied in a pre-charged state and is not at full power. Before installing, please charge to full power using a compatible motorbike charger (at least with automatic switch-off).

12 V, 10 Ah
Length x width x height = 151 x 70 x 131 mm
Terminals: positive on the left, negative on the right

Can also be used instead of the maintenance-free GT12B-BS.